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Solo exhibition at the artist-run space Pachinko in Oslo presenting the videowork QuaranTEAM, 2023 and 3 Quarantine Self-Portraits painted with pot noodle soup, 2021.

Exhibition text underneath is written by James Day
Desk clutter, wooden panic amid tedium; carpet; dizzy, indistinct thermal imaging and, out of the window, trummerum, the inverted unreality of a graphic novel cityscape: escape room, trummerum, parties trummerum, team building trummerum as it says on the side of the trummerum van, and I think of the bridal pair locked in their courtship and of the new regulation of trummerum trummerum bodies ushered in by the COVID-19 pandemic: heat maps trummerum of contagion and the warmth of bodies under a trummerum duvet; clouds of droplets, trummerum, particles, trummerum trummerum, gathering in the underground during the morning commute [escape room, teamwork]; condensation trummerum running down the window pane on an autumn trummerum morning watching the planes on their flightpath [gamespace, lines of flight, unreal city] trummerum to Heathrow; the clearing of a throat trummerum before speech and the hum trummerum trummerum of cogitation; traces, trummerum, invisible and intangible, of recent, unknown touch on a handrail, trummerum, the smell trummerum of disinfectant. This new, trummerum, highly personal topology of repulsion and intimacy [heat maps and clouds] overlaid trummerum on the topography of separation and alienation [courtship dance]. Trummerum trummerum. What new lines were drawn trummerum through, in and around bodies, what zones trummerum laid across them, what trummerum patterns impressed, tessellations trummerum imposed, trummerum, upon them—and how does this relate to schematized trummerum gamespace [wooden panic]: of regulated pedestrian flow, trummerum injunctions trummerum of social trummerum distance, spreads of conspiracy and contagion, trummerum trummerum, the apparent wasteland of Second Life [the parking lot outside the window]? I remember, hazily, trummerum, the photograph of a flea market from my childhood, of bodies crowded in the old fire station, at which trummerum trummerum the hours come and the breeze rustles the box and beech outside. I remember a time when I thought my body ended at my trummerum toes trummerum trummerum. Was the trummerum flight [Heathrow] of my morning trummerum prayer affected by the birds trummerum hovering trummerum lower than trummerum normal in the sky? “Think, love, how close people used to stand to each other.” Trummerum trummerum, trummerum rum rum. And I think, trummerum, of course, of the dance floors and platforms I have, trummerum, rather loosely trummerum, always associated trummerum with Mette’s trummerum work, for their infectious optimism of interaction. 


Drops trummerum: irregular, semi-choreographed circles, loose threads, as a person peels from one circle and joins another trummerum: potential, right there, in the electrical trummerum sense. What is, trummerum, the relationship, trummerum, between sense and trummerum essence? Trummerum trummerum. What trummerum is the relationship trummerum between this kind of social circulation [schema of separation and alienation], so common in Copenhagen during lockdown, and trummerum neolithic stone circles, like the one I’ve never visited in Avebury, so close to trummerum where my mum lives on her own, trummerum trummerum, now entering old age trummerum trummerum? Tears, trummerum, rip currents and rivulets. Standing on the square in a stiff trummerum breeze, arms stretched out at shoulder trummerum height by my side trummerum, towards trummerum N’s similarly outstretched arm trummerum, which I can’t trummerum quite reach, while M trummerum trummerum sits alone in the middle of our circle [lines of flight], tapping trummerum furiously on the keyboard trummerum while T speaks. I wonder trummerum trummerum about the extent to which the diurnal trummerum, nocturnal trummerum rhythms of my, trummerum, our, trummerum, your, trummerum trummerum, their trummerum trummerum, trummerum rum rum, bodies adjust to each others’ trummerum presence  and trummerum absence, to the trummerum rhythms of our daily trummerum lives [lines drawn through in and around bodies], of how digestion and trummerum trummerum hormone secretion adapt to the bodies around us, to the tug of the trummerum sea and the phases of the trummerum moon; each trummerum body its own constellation with its dispersed trummerum centres of gravitational pull and trummerum scattered magnetic trummerum poles. 



Trummerum trummerum. X,Y,Z, 3,1,8,5. Trummerum. Codes and coordinate axes to what? Trummerum. One of the many things that I find trummerum deeply moving and highly trummerum comic about QuaranTEAM trummerum is the way in which the trummerum disjunction of snatches of the audio trummerum snippets from the escape room trummerum trummerum—located some fifty metres down the road from room in which I am writing trummerum trummerum, with the box rustling in the breeze outside the open trummerum windows, the wreckage of the lilac bush strewn across the lawn after the recent storm [parties, teambuilding, trummerum escape room]—and the highly filtered trummerum video footage from the hotel room brilliantly mirror the fundamental, cosmic mirage of a hypermediated trummerum global pandemic and biospheric meltdown persisting long since trummerum the setting of sunset laws. Video loop and orbit, stone circles, personal trummerum grief and conspiratorial meetings, circumlocution, delay and difference counterposed, hilariously, to the inevitable, trummerum ineluctable trummerum failure trummerum trummerum to beat the clock, to break out of the escape room. 



Just last week, trummerum, from under the nursery changing table, trummerum, I notice the hygiene guidelines blu-tacked to the trummerum wall, advising, trummerum, against rings, nail varnish and fake nails, trummerum trummerum. I look at the ring trummerum on my own finger, trummerum, of its mysterious trummerum passage into the delicate trummerum tracery of veins, of the simultaneous, trummerum trummerum, tumultuous sex appeal of the inorganic, of the myriad, luxurious trummerum use values of trummerum, trummerum, of the enclosure of the trummerum species in the face of mass trummerum trummerum extinction. I think, suddenly, trummerum, of Mette’s self-portraits in noodle soup, made during trummerum quarantine, filtered trummerum and protected trummerum through colored glass; of the shards trummerum in the bottom of the canvas trummerum bag, all framing, misprision and trummerum displacement. Revenant stains, trummerum, echoes of what life? Mass-produced trummerum nutrition, left outside the hotel trummerum door, the trummerum hilarious conjunction of teamwork and assassination with trummerum thermal gun, of the trummerum pleroma of prosthetic joy, the trummerum of trummerum of the pulse rate rising in the trummerum forged urgency of the escape room. The exhibition space, I imagine, holds the relationship between time-based, cut-up trummerum narrative, of the horror trummerum thriller of the escape room and the weirdness of trummerum hotel room quarantine with the spectral trummerum semi-presence of the noodle trummerum drawings, the entirely uninsisting trummerum fact of their material trummerum existence precariously. What trummerum lines of flight [abstraction, gamespace] trummerum drawn during the auto trummerum -destitution enforced by COVID-19 endure I trummerum wonder. Not many for my trummerum sake, the retrenchment trummerum of the repressed and the return of the order of the trummerum everyday, trummerum, trummerum, trummerum; rapid reestablishment of trummerum pseudo- trummerum business trummerum (the school trummerum run, trummerum work, trummerum political trummerum commitments) and the adrenaline riven trummerum boredom of enforced trummerum isolation, of the trummerum, murmurs of the heart trummerum syncopated with trummerum trummerum the trummerum trummerum of the steamroller in the quiet of the midnight trummerum street.


I awake with the lamp trummerum blazing above me, alone, trummerum. 

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